Snowballs Short Film Festival – April 26th – 2014
Hosted at Videology – Williamsburg 5-8pm

Each year we curate up to 15 new works for the short film / webisode festival. Your submission does not need to be “exclusive” to this festival. There is no fee for applying. There is no fee for participating.

The Snowballs Festivals are geared toward early-career filmmakers and producers. It’s one part showcase, one part networking event. We run long-form festivals, meaning we showcase films and episodes throughout the day in a contemporary “salon” format. It allows for conversations and connections to be made while keeping the focus on the screenings. SBFF is a great opportunity for audiences and presenters alike, and best of all, it’s free to submit. We hope you’ll join us for SBFF 2014.

Deadline for submission: March 29th

– We accept short: Narrative, documentary, animation and webisodes
– Content should be around 5-15 minutes in running time. We gladly accept linear excerpts.
– For examples of accepted films, see the participant list below.

Thank you for your time and submission, we look forward to reviewing your material.


SBFF 2013 Participants
John MacDonald
Haley Rawson
Patrick Letterii & Nick Ray McCann
Diogo Cronemberger*
Pavel Ezrohi and Cole Blumstein
Christian LaMorte
Nanette Lipinkski
Hannah Vaughn*
Emily Chadick Weiss
Jules David Bartkowski
Richard Grunn

SBFF 2012 Participants
Daniel Slottje
Emily Shesh
Oscar A. Mendoza
Rich Grunn
Chance Muehleck*
Taylor Hebden
Kuperman Brothers
Gabrielle Mandel
Hannah Vaughn
Pato Masera
Graham Mason
Daphne Gardner*
Jaron and Caleb Lopez
Nick Ray McCann
Adam Goldman
Amber Fisher
Vin Grabill

* Denotes Planet Connections Awards Film Winner